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New Privacy Resources Available from NYC Digital Safety

Through NYC Digital Safety, more than 1,000 library staff across New York City’s five boroughs have now been trained in digital privacy and security, using published online resources specific to data privacy in the library environment. These resources are available for use by libraries across the country.

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Privacy News for November 16

This week’s privacy news: Privacy advocates and Silicon Valley establish their battle lines over the proposed US Privacy Framework, Senators investigate apps marketing to children, learn how car makers and police are tracking your car’s every move, surveillance capitalism, encryption, a big data leak from healthcare.gov and more.

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Privacy News for November 2

In this week’s privacy news update: FTC sets sessions on consumer privacy, how tech companies get you to give up your data, privacy and the public library, school surveillance, genetic privacy, Wyden proposes tough new law to protect consumer privacy, Girl Scouts get hacked, and more.

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Privacy News for October 26

In this week’s privacy news: automating inequality, PrivacyCon 2019 AI & data ethics, 20 years of COPPA and protecting children’s privacy, Tim Cook calls out the data-industrial complex, his (and others!) call for US privacy regs & more privacy news and opinion.

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Privacy News for October 19

In this week’s privacy news update: NYC Libraries lead on digital privacy, TSA ramps up use of facial recognition, a new call for student data privacy on COPPA’s anniversary, debate on a US privacy law, libraries and Facebook announce (more) data breaches, plus other privacy & surveillance news.

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