Humility in Libraries: Finding Balance in Creating Coverage for Immigrants: Choose Privacy Week 2019

Librarians always have good intentions when they create a program, but may not be fully weighing the outcomes for patrons. We make some noise about new work to get people in our doors and engage with the public; to show our solidarity with our patrons. But what if drawing attention to the library isn’t the best strategy to protect the privacy of the very people you want to serve? It’s difficult to know the precise answer.A lot of what we might think about in librarianship about privacy is through the lens of what are more traditional library services, conducting personal research on a computer, borrowing materials, signing up for a computer class or using the library catalog, and through the lens of education and privilege. How do we convey library values to our communities when they are vulnerable?

Choose Privacy Week 2013: Warrantless Wiretapping Under the FISA Amendments Act

This is the last in a series of guest commentaries written in observance of Choose Privacy Week by noted privacy experts and advocates. Today’s post is written by Mitra Ebadolahi, counsel with the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties

Choose Privacy Week 2013: Tell TSA to Unplug and Box Up Nude Body Scanners

This penultimate guest post by  Khaliah Barnes, Adminstrative Counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center,  is both a call for action and a reminder that privacy invasions are not limited to our online lives or personal data. Tell TSA to Unplug