ALA Policies

The ALA Policy Manual includes brief statements of policies adopted by the ALA Council. Below you will find a link to the Policy Manual and a list of the sections that address privacy:

  • ALA Policy Manual
    • B.1.1 Core Values of Librarianship
    • B.1.2 Code of Professional Ethics for Librarians
    • B.1.3 Core Competencies of Librarianship
    • B.2.1.13 Universal Right to Free Expression
    • B.2.1.17 Privacy
    • B.2.9 Libraries: An American Value
    • B.2.11 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology and Privacy Principles
    • B.4.6.1 Principles for the Networked World
    • B.4.6.2 Principles for Digitized Content
    • B.5.6 Federal Legislative Policy
    • B.8.5.1 The Rights of Library Users and the USA PATRIOT Act
    • B.8.5.4 Retention of Library Records