Privacy News and Views for May 4


Choose Privacy Week

Bringing Back Privacy | Benton Foundation

Facebook and the ‘Dead Body’ Problem | The New York Times

Government Surveillance

Oakland passes “strongest” surveillance oversight law in US | Ars Technica

Corporate Surveillance

Are You Really the Product?  The history of a dangerous idea. | Slate

Data Violence and How Bad Engineering Choices Can Damage Society | Medium

Website privacy policies don’t say much about how they share your data | Science News

Facebook Is Building a “Clear History” Button. Finally. | Slate

Facebook Wants to Help You Find Love (So Please Hand Over More Data) | Gizmodo

Facebook’s Double Standard on Privacy: Employees vs. Everyone Else | Wall Street Journal

Facebook says it really cares about your privacy this time, honest | Columbia Journalism Review

Libraries and Privacy

Davis Library Says No to Collecting Data on Patrons | The Middlebury Campus

Mine, not Mined? Libraries and Data Ownership | IFLA

Choose Privacy – and Think About Census 2020 | Inside Higher Ed

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

FTC warns Gator Group, Tinitell that online services might violate COPPA | Federal Trade Commission

New program teaches kids how to protect their privacy online | CBS News

Health and Biometric Privacy

NIH seeks health data of 1 million people, with genetic privacy suddenly an issue |  Washington Post

Organizations turning to biometrics to fight breach threats | Health Data Management

Privacy Self-Defense

How to wrestle your data from data brokers, Silicon Valley — and Cambridge Analytica | ProPublica

Law and Regulation

Publishers rebuke Google’s interpretation of EU privacy law | Reuters

Pai Defers Cambridge Analytica Investigation to FTC | B&C

How the wealthy use privacy laws to keep out of the news | Financial Times

Facebook Just Lost Its Latest Battle in a Crucial Privacy Case Heading to Europe’s Top Court | Fortune

Discovery of hidden GPS tracker leads to Massachusetts Supreme Court case |

This Week in Data Breaches

Twitter urges all users to change passwords after glitch | Reuters

Student loan company notifies 16,500 borrowers of personal data breach | CBS News