Privacy News and Views, June 3 – 10


Privacy @ ALA Annual 2017 | Choose Privacy Week

FTC Announces Third PrivacyCon, Calls for Presentations | FTC

Government Surveillance

U.S. Supreme Court to settle major cellphone privacy case | Reuters

Supreme Court Will Decide If Your Mobile Phone Location Data Is Private | Consumer Reports

Privacy in the cellphone age | New York Times (editorial)

Intel agencies want to make the most controversial foreign surveillance rule permanent | TechCrunch

Trump backs permanent snooping powers he once criticized as abusive | Washington Times

Key Vote NO on Sponsor, Cosponsors of S. 1297  FreedomWorks

The actual privacy news from that 702 hearing | IAPP

We Have Good Reasons to Be Concerned About the Impact of Section 702 on the Criminal Justice System  | Just Security

Lawmakers demand more information and privacy protections before reauthorizing FISA snooping powers| Washington Times

NSA Reneges on Promise to Tell Congress How Many Innocent Americans it Spies On |

Trump administration rolls out social media vetting of visa applicants | Ars Technica

Cellphone privacy: Homeland Security chief acknowledges searches of U.S. citizens’ devices | Newsweek

Corporate Surveillance

Digital privacy is making antitrust exciting again | Wired

Why smartphone security is a luxury for those who can afford it | CNN Money

Broadband Privacy

The BROWSER Act: A privacy misstep  | Tech Policy Daily

BROWSER Act Aims to Replace Invalidated FCC Privacy Rules: Balancing Rights of Web Surfers Equally and Responsibly | National Law Review

Students’ & Minors’ Privacy

The datafied child: The dataveillance of children and implications for their rights | New Media and Society

Confessions of a privacy novice: I gave my students’ privacy to Google | Intellectual Freedom Blog

Health and Medical Privacy

Undermining Genetic Privacy? Employee Wellness Programs and the Law |  New England Journal of Medicine

Proposed Law Opens the Door to Genetic Discrimination |  Medscape


Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters | C|Net

Biometric Privacy

Washington has become the third state to pass biometrics privacy law  | BiometricUpdate.Com

International Privacy

EU E-Communications Draft Law Doesn’t Protect Privacy: European Parliament Study |  Bloomberg BNA

Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack | The Independent

Theresa May doesn’t rule out regulating the internet like China: ‘Let’s work with the companies’ | The Independent

Callan: We can’t censor our way out of terrorism | CNN

Privacy campaigners are outraged with Theresa May’s ‘draconian’ internet regulation plans |Business Insider

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s plans on terror: they are wrong (Editorial) | The Guardian

Essays and Scholarship

Internet surveillance, regulation, and chilling effects online: a comparative case study | Internet Policy Review

This Week In Data Breaches

GameStop warns customers of potential data breach| WMUR9.c0m

Nearly 600 Delaware child services cards compromised in Kmart data breach |

2,500 Mothers’ and Newborns’ Personal and Health Information Lost in the Mail | Data Privacy + Security Insider

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