Privacy News and Views May 6 – 12

Feature:  Privacy as Digital Divide

How Privacy Became a Commodity for the Rich and Powerful   | New York Times Magazine
Privacy, Poverty and Big Data: A Matrix of Vulnerabilities for Poor Americans | Washington Law Review


The Library Freedom Project is conducting an online survey to assess library privacy practices and policies and is asking librarians to complete it to provide some insight into this landscape:   The survey will be open for two months and LFP will share the share anonymized results on its website and on Twitter at the close of the survey.

Libraries and Privacy

Surveillance in the school library | Intellectual Freedom Blog
Taking the Fight for Digital Rights to Our Libraries| New America Weekly
Iowa City library’s bathroom cameras removed to comply with new state law | The Gazette
Libraries strive to protect your privacy | Omaha World Herald

Corporate Surveillance

‘Echo Is Not Spying On You,’ Amazon Lawyer Declares | National Law Journal
Trump campaign changes web privacy policy after questions from CBS News | CBS News

Government Surveillance

Fight brews over push to shield Americans in warrantless surveillance | New York Times
How to prevent your data from being searched at the U.S. border | PC World
NYC’s New Tech to Track Every Homeless Person in the City | Wired
How Trump’s N.S.A. Came to End a Disputed Type of Surveillance| New York Times

Encryption / Anonymity

You Cannot Encrypt Your Face  | The Atlantic
I Side With the ‘Bad Guys’ on Encryption  | Bloomberg View
Tor Presents Compelling Privacy Puzzle | National Law Review

Privacy Self-Defense

Flying to Europe? You Might Want to Encrypt Your Laptop First | Consumer Reports
Preparing for the Inevitable Ban on In-Cabin Laptops | Travel Insider

Privacy Law and Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation – Is it important for a Library or Archive? |Research Libraries UK
Dear Europe: Please Don’t Kill Free Speech In The Name Of ‘Privacy Protection’  | TechDirt
Google exec says ‘right to be forgotten’ needs to be narrow| Law360
Vendors approve of NIST password draft |CSO Online
Standards group recommends removing periodic password change requirements

Broadband Privacy

Illinois Senate Approves Legislation to Protect Personal Information Collected Online|Government Technology Magazine
Nevada Senate leader proposes internet privacy regulations |The Virginian-Pilot


Protect Researcher Privacy in the Surveillance Era |  CNI Spring 2017 Project Briefings
From Theory to Practice: Leading the Way with Learning Data Principles | CNI Spring 2017 Project Briefings
A Twenty-First Century Framework for Digital Privacy: Balancing Privacy and Secrity in the Digital Age | National Constitutional Center

Watch the recorded event: Digital Privacy in the 21st Century
Read the white papers:
Introduction: A Twenty-First Century Framework for Digital Privacy  Jeffrey Rosen
Whose Law Governs in a Borderless World? Jennifer Daskal
Administering the Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age  Jim Harper
Digital Divergence  David S. Kris
Secret Government Searches and Digital Civil Liberties  Neil Richards
Policing and The Cloud Christopher Slobogin

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