Privacy News for April 16, 2021

Privacy During the Pandemic

Civil Liberties Advocates Warn COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Could Worsen Inequities | Dallas Observer

Library Surveillance

Addressing the Alarming Systems of Surveillance Built By Library Vendors | SPARC

Ethical Financial Stewardship: One Library’s Examination of Vendors’ Business Practices | In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Government Surveillance

A $2 Billion Government Surveillance Lab Created Tech That Guesses Your Name By Simply Looking At Your Face | Forbes

Surveillance For Sale: Cameras On Amazon Tied to China Military, Abuse | ABC Denver Channel 7

Surveillance Capitalism

Amazon drivers describe the paranoia of working under the watchful eyes of new truck cameras that monitor them constantly and fire off ‘rage-inducing’ alerts if the make a wrong move | Business Insider

It’s Time for Surveillance to Get an Upgrade and IoT is Here to Help | IoT for All

Biometric Privacy

The new lawsuit that shows facial recognition is officially a civil rights issue | MIT Technology Review

Wrongfully arrested man sues Detroit police over false facial recognition match | The Washington Post

Civil rights organizations call for ban on corporate use of facial recognition | The Hill

Plaintiffs Move for Preliminary Injunction in Clearview AI Biometrics Suit | Law Street Media

Judge tackles scope of biometric privacy law in Amazon, Microsoft rulings | West Law

Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authorising payments using facial recognition | ZDNet

47 Wisconsin law enforcement agencies used facial recognition software reliant on social media photos | CBS 58

The NYPD used a controversial facial recognition tool. Here’s what you need to know. | MIT Technology Review

East Bay police used facial recognition technology despite ban | The Mercury News

Opinion: Time to End Police Use of Facial Recognition Tech | Government Technology

EFF Objects to Un-Warranted Police DNA searches | Find Biometrics

SIA report: global increase in biometric border security and digital travel ID use |

Trial underway to test facial recognition software at airports | WKOW ABC

Global ID 3D vein biometrics patent filing published in Hong Kong |

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Utah Creates Data Breach Safe Harbor | JDSupra

Colorado debates giving consumers biometric rights, including to sue vendors |

Despite business pushback, [Florida] House data privacy bill gets panel approval | Florida Politics

EU Poised to Set AI Rules That Would Ban Surveillance, Scoring | Bloomberg

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Possible personal data exposure found by Chattanooga Public Library and City IT | WRCB TV

Facebook’s downplaying of the massive data breach is irresponsible and dangerous for its users | Business Insider

After Facebook, LinkedIn confirms data breach; personal details of 500 million users leaked | Financial Express

Free parking app [ParkMobile] popular in Charlotte, other cities confirms user data breach | The Charlotte Observer

University Of Colorado Refuses To Pay $17 Million Ransom Following Accellion Data Breach | CBS Denver

Clubhouse data breach: 1.3 million users have info leaked online | TechRadar

Risk startup LogicGate confirms data breach | TechCrunch

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