Privacy News for April 17

Privacy During the Pandemic

How Coronavirus is Eroding Privacy | The Wall Street Journal

The Tech ‘Solutions’ for Coronavirus Take the Surveillance State to the Next Level | The Guardian

Coronavirus Tracing Tech Policy ‘More Significant’ than the War on Encryption | ZDNet

Pandemic Data-Sharing Puts New Pressure on Privacy Protections | Bloomberg News

Surveillance Won’t Stop the Coronavirus | The New York Times

Be Very Wary of Trump’s Health Surveillance Plans | The Washington Post

Most Americans don’t think cellphone tracking will help limit COVID-19, are divided on whether it’s acceptable | Pew Research Center

Apple and Google’s Coronavirus App is a ‘Global Mass Surveillance Tool’ | Decrypt

U.S. senator says Apple, Google need to show contact tracing will not violate privacy | Reuters

Apple-Google Virus Tracking Plan Carries Data Security Risks | Bloomberg Law

The Cybersecurity 202: Privacy Experts Fear a Boom in Coronavirus Surveillance | The Washington Post

An Unprecedented Plan to Reopen Connecticut after Coronavirus could Include Surveillance, Confinement and Extensive Testing, but it Raises Questions about Privacy Rights | Hartford Courant

UK Government Using Confidential Patient Data in Coronavirus Response | The Guardian

China Rolls out Software Surveillance for the  COVID-19 Pandemic, Alarming Human Rights Advocates | ABC News

Israeli Police use Drones to Enforce Virus Quarantines, Raising Privacy Concerns | The Times of Israel

Moscow’s Lockdown Permit System Fuels Surveillance Fears | Reuters

To Zoom or Not to Zoom | Choose Privacy Everyday

Coronavirus Surveillance Is Entering Dystopian Territory | Vanity Fair

Government Surveillance

Lawmakers Worry Jared Kushner is Working on a Privacy Destroying “Surveillance System” | Mother Jones

Judge Blocks Test of Baltimore Crime Surveillance Planes | The Crime Report

Everyday Surveillance

Federal Appeals Court Allows Facebook Privacy Lawsuit to Proceed | Jurist

Broadband Industry Presses Judge To Scrap Maine Privacy Law | Digital Privacy Perspectives

Student Privacy

Will the Pandemic Usher in an Era of Mass Surveillance in Higher Education? | Chronicle of Higher Education

COVID-19 and children’s digital privacy | UNICEF

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

PII of 115 Million Pakistani Mobile Users up for Sale on Dark Web | CISO Magazine

Canadian Passengers from Virus-Stricken Zaandam Cruise Ship Hit by Federal Gov’t Privacy Breach | CBC

Privacy Tools and Techniques

How to Protect your Zoom Account from Recent Data Breaches | LifeHacker

Thought Pieces

The Weaponization of Dogs on the Internet | Lawfare

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