Privacy News for April 24

Privacy During the Pandemic

Bosses Panic-Buy Spy Software to Keep Tabs on Remote Workers | Bloomberg

The Expansion of Mass Surveillance to Stop Coronavirus Should Worry Us All | The Guardian

Update with Covid-19 Tracing App Index of 40 Apps; Will These Apps Result in Permanent Loss of Privacy | SC Magazine

Pandemic Panopticon: Israeli Surveillance During COVID-19 | Al Jazeera News

India Plans Wristband Patient Surveillance as Lockdown Eases | ABC News

Managing health privacy and bias in COVID-19 public surveillance | Brookings

Government Surveillance

US Adds Military Surveillance Cameras at Mexico Border Despite Drop in Crossings | MilitaryTimes (Associated Press)

Judge Dismisses Twitter Lawsuit that Sought to Reveal Government Surveillance Requests | The Verge

ICE Has Access to DACA Recipients’ Personal Information Despite Promises Suggesting Otherwise, Internal Emails Show | ProPublica

Everyday Surveillance

Leaked pics from Amazon Ring show potential new surveillance features | Ars Technica

S.D. County Woman Sues Video Chat App for Alleged Privacy Breach | Times of San Diego (CA)

Data Privacy and Security: An Interview with Author and Technologist Bruce Schneier | Choose Privacy Everyday

Biometric Privacy

Misconfigured Server Exposes ClearView AI’s Source Code | Digital Journal

High-Fashion, High-Privacy Glasses Touted |


Zoom’s Encryption Update is Like ‘Skipping Two Generations on a Smartphone Upgrade’ | Mashable

Open Source Platform Jitsi Plans to Start Offering a Major Security Feature that Zoom, Microsoft, and Google Lack: End-to-End Encryption for Video Conferencing […] | Business Insider

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Hackers Leak 23 Million Usernames and Passwords from Webkinz Children’s Game | ZDNet

CARES Act Tribal Data Breached | Native News Online

Data Breach May Have Exposed Personal Information of Thousands of SBA Emergency Loan Applicants | The Washington Post

IT Services Giant Cognizant Suffers Maze Ransomware Cyber Attack | BleepingComputer

Nearly 25,000 Email Addresses and Passwords Allegedly from NIH, WHO, Gates Foundation and Others are Dumped Online | The Washington Post

Hacker Claims Popular Android App Store [Aptoide] Breached: Publishes 20 Million User Credentials | Forbes


State-backed phishing targets govt employees with fast food lures | Bleeping Computer

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