Privacy News for April 3

Privacy During the Pandemic

Rights Groups Around the World Unite to Press Governments on Coronavirus Surveillance | Forbes

Coronavirus surveillance poses long-term privacy threat, U.N. expert warns | Reuters

Google Wants your Data in Exchange for a Coronavirus Test | Foreign Policy

Verily’s COVID-19 Screening Website Leaves Privacy Questions Unanswered | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Beware the Implications of Coronavirus Surveillance | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Forget China’s ‘Excessive’ Coronavirus Surveillance–this is America’s Surprising Alternative | Forbes

Is Location Tracking Technology the Magic Pill to Stemming the Coronavirus? | ACLU

1.3 Billion People. One Virus. How Much Privacy? | The Wire

Europe Develops Coronavirus Tracking App Meant to Also Preserve Privacy | CNET

UK Government is Using Coronavirus as Excuse to Ramp up Surveillance | Forbes

Spain Tries Tracking Coronavirus, Sparking Privacy Concerns | Voice of America

Moscow to Launch New Surveillance App to Track Residents in Coronavirus Lockdown | NPR

China, Coronavirus and Surveillance: the Messy Reality of Personal Data | Financial Times

Snowden Warns Government Surveillance Amid COVID-19 Could be Long Lasting | CNET

Pandemic Dilemma: Emergency Surveillance Won’t be Easy to Unplug | Christian Science Monitor

Government Surveillance

House Departs Without Vote to Extend Expired F.B.I. Spy Tools | New York Times

Problems with FBI Surveillance Extended far Beyond Probe of Trump Campaign, Justice Dept. Inspector General Says | The Washington Post

The Inspector General’s Disturbing FISA Memo | Lawfare

Privately Funded Surveillance Planes to Begin Patrolling Baltimore Skies | The Washington Post

Corporate Surveillance

New York Attorney General Looks into Zoom’s Privacy Practices | The New York Times

Zoom Tightens Privacy Policy, Says No User Videos Are Analyzed for Ads | Consumer Reports

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

The Coronavirus Relief Bill Promotes Surveillance for Health | Wired

The CDC will set up a coronavirus ‘surveillance and data collection system’ as part of the $2 trillion stimulus bill, which President Trump just signed into law | Business Insider

The Cybersecurity 202: Cybersecurity Experts Slam Child Protection Bill that Risks Rolling Back Encryption | The Washington Post

Senators Slam ‘Reckless’ House over Surveillance Debacle | Politico

Amid Pandemic Remaining New York SHIELD Act Data Security Requirements have Taken Effect | Privacy Law

Biometric Privacy

New DHS Biometric Records System to be Exempt from Privacy Act | FindBiometrics

Microsoft: Washington State OKs Facial Recognition Law Seen as National Model | MarketScreener

Washington state passes Microsoft-approved facial recognition laws | The Next Web


Privacy Concerns are Swarming around Zoom just as it’s Becoming Everyone’s New Favorite Videoconferencing App | Business Insider

New CPJ, Internet Society Fact Sheet on Why Journalists Need Encryption | Committee to Protect Journalists

Encryption Helps America Work Safely — and that Goes for Congress, Too | The Hill

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Personal Details for the Entire Country of Georgia Published Online | ZDNet

Marriott says 5.2 Million Guest Records were Stolen in Another Data Breach | TechCrunch

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