Privacy News and Views for August 17


The Data Arms Race Is No Excuse for Abandoning Privacy | Foreign Policy

Will Privacy First Be The New Normal? An Interview With Privacy Guru, Ann Cavoukian (1 of 2) | Forbes

Ann Cavoukian: Why Big Business Should Proactively Build for Privacy (2 of 2) | Forbes

Government Surveillance

To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data | Forbes

L.A. begins body-scanning metro riders, with a promise of no ‘anatomical detail’ | The Washington Post

California Welfare Agency Has Been Using License Plate Readers to Monitor Recipients Since 2016 | Slate

U.S. officials weigh introducing biometric exit data rules for partners | Biometric Update

China’s Aggressive Surveillance Technology Will Spread Beyond Its Borders | Slate

Corporate Surveillance

Google tracks your movements, like it or not | CNBC

How to track where Google’s tracking you | The Washington Post

Google’s ‘My Activity’ data: Avoiding privacy and compliance risk | Search Compliance

Banks and Retailers Are Tracking How You Type, Swipe and Tap | The New York Times

Big tech is still violating your privacy (Opinion) | The Washington Post

Workplace Privacy

Nannies Already Felt Like They Were Under Constant Surveillance. The Internet Has Made It Even Worse.| Slate

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cyber Actors Use Internet of Things Devices As Proxies For Anonymity And Pursuit Of Malicious Cyber Activities | FBI Public Service Announcement

Connected Car Technology Can Enable Abusers to Track Their Victims | Vice Motherboard


What (we think) you should know about Australia’s new encryption bill | Access Now

Privacy Self-Defense

Are Targeted Ads Stalking You? Here’s How to Make Them Stop | The New York Times

Google tracks you even if location history’s off. Here’s how to stop it | Wired

Privacy Law and Regulation

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won | The New York Times

Industry Groups Push for Modifications to California Consumer Privacy Act | Data Privacy and Security Insider

This Week in Data Breaches

Adams County data breach exposed personal information of up to 250,000 people | Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

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