Privacy News and Views for August 3

Featured: Libraries and Privacy

Project Report: “Library Values & Privacy in our National Digital Strategies: Field guides, Convenings, and Conversations.” |
Center for Information Policy Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / Data & Society

Government Surveillance

In ‘Quiet Skies’ program, TSA is tracking regular travelers like terrorists | Boston Globe

Lawmakers demand answers on ‘Quiet Skies’ surveillance program after Globe report | Boston Globe

NSA Watchdog Breaks Precedent By Releasing Semi-Annual Report | Government Executive

Can Canadian border agents search your phone or laptop? A new guide explains | CTV

When crossing the Canadian border, encryption is no guarantee, says new handbook | The Star

Corporate Surveillance

Preventing the Sharing Economy From Abusing Your Data | The Regulatory Review

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

The Scoop on NJIT’s Facial Recognition Security System | New Jersey Institute of Technology

Big Brother’s Blind Spot | The Baffler

Against Black Inclusion in Facial Recognition | Digital Talking Drum

Big Data Is Getting Bigger. So Are the Privacy and Ethical Questions.| Chronicle of Higher Education

Right To Be Forgotten

N.J. Court Orders Google to Vanish Plaintiff’s Photo | Volokh Conspiracy

Biometric / Health Care Privacy

The Secret Documents that Detail How Patients’ Privacy is Breached | Pacific Standard

23andMe sold access to your DNA library to big pharma, but you can opt out | Motherboard

23andMe, Ancestry and other DNA testing companies agree to better protect your genetic information | The Mic

Law and Regulation

Trump administration working on consumer data privacy policy | Reuters

Trump Privacy Pitch May Get Public Scrutiny on Road to Congress | Bloomberg News

State Data Officers Provide Feedback on Federal Data Strategy | GovTech

The Supreme Court Wrestles With Americans’ Right to Privacy in the Digital Age | Pacific Standard

California’s New Data Privacy Law Came To Be In About A Week. Here’s What You Need To Know. | Capitol News

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