Privacy News for August 31st


Who needs democracy when you have data?  Here’s how China rules using data, AI, and internet surveillance. | MIT Technology Review

Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism | The Atlantic

Beware of Tech Companies Bearing Privacy Laws | Slate

Government Surveillance

‘DNA Dragnets’ Represent a Double-Edged Sword for Police, the Public | GovTech / McClatchy News

FBI’s encryption fight with Facebook could have broad impact on smartphone users’ privacy | Washington Post

DOJ Asking Court To Force Facebook To Break Encryption On Messenger Voice Calls | TechDirt

Customs and Border Patrol expands partnership with airlines on facial recognition | Papers, Please: The Identity Project

Sen. Wyden Confirms Cell-Site Simulators Disrupt Emergency Calls | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Corporate Surveillance

Google, Mastercard Cut Secret Ad Deal To Track Retail Sales | Ad Age

Yahoo, Bucking Industry, Scans Emails for Data to Sell Advertisers | Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Mail is still scanning your emails for data to sell to advertisers | The Verge

The way you hold your phone. They can’t take that away from you, but they can track it. | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

FBI’s encryption fight with Facebook could have broad impact on smartphone users’ privacy | Washington Post

The future of privacy | Lexology

Privacy Self-Defense

How to protect your privacy on the internet (Infographic) | Library for Smart Investors

Privacy Law and Regulation

More States Appoint ‘Chief Privacy Officers’ to Protect People’s Data | Pew Trusts Stateline

Bipartisan Senate Quartet in Talks on Data Privacy Bill | Bloomberg

Big tech firms want to “clean-up” the new California Consumer Privacy Act | Information Age

The Fight Over California’s Privacy Bill Has Only Just Begun | WIRED

California legislature publishes CaCPA amendments; vote scheduled for this week | IAPP

Texas eyes added protections for your digital data | (Brownsville, TX)

This Week in Data Breaches

Air Canada app data breach involves passport numbers | BBC News

T-Mobile says hackers stole customer data in data breach | TechCrunch

Data breach impacts Cheddar’s restaurants in 23 states, including Texas | WOAI Channel 4 News (San Antonio)

Babysitting app suffers ‘temporary data breach’ of 93,000 users | Naked Security

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