Privacy News and Views for August 11


Nevada Implements Law that Requires Notice for Collection of Personal Information | Data Privacy and Security Insider

Government Surveillance

What’s Wrong with Airport Face Recognition? | ACLU of Northern California

New Rule Exempts FBI From Disclosing Its Biometric Database To Americans |  International Business Times

Corporate Surveillance

Windows 10 privacy: You’re happy for us to collect your data, says Microsoft |  ZD Net

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

These 42 Disney apps are allegedly spying on your kids  | Washington Post

Geolocation Privacy

Supreme Court could take up Indiana case on police use of cell location data |  NWTimes Indiana

Biometric Privacy

Facebook Is Using an “NRA Approach” to Defend Its Creepy Facial Recognition Programs | Slate


The Man Who Wrote Those Password Rules Has a New Tip: N3v$r M1^d!  | Wall Street Journal

The attack on global privacy leaves few places to turn | Wired

Protect the white hat hackers who are just doing their jobs| Wired

Right to Delete/Right to be Forgotten

You could finally control your Facebook data if UK law is passed |  New Scientist

Personal data is the fuel of the digital economy. It is right that consumers should control it.| The Telegraph (UK)

Law and Regulation

At Long Last, a Sensible Internet of Things Security Bill Has Been Introduced in the Senate | Slate

A Federal Court Says Your Prescription Records Aren’t Really Private. The Supreme Court Might Have Something to Say About That. | ACLU

A peek at the FTC’s new privacy enforcement priorities | Lexology

This Week in Data Breaches

HBO hacker dumps more files and demands ransom payment  | Silicon Angle

Hackers leak ‘Game of Thrones’ stars’ phone numbers, demand ransom |  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Local teacher info shared in data breach |  Beaumont Enterprise

30,000 UCLA students, former students warned about potential security breach  | ABC7 Los Angeles

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