Privacy News for August 14

Privacy and the Pandemic

Report: Workplace Coronavirus Tracing Apps Institute Dystopian Mass Surveillance by Default | Public Citizen

The Intersection of Technology and Patient Privacy in the COVID-19 Landscape (and Beyond) | JDSupra

Surveillance and Servitude: The Pandemic’s Most Sinister Legacy | Worldcrunch

Government Surveillance

When Private Security Cameras are Police Surveillance Tools | WIRED

Police Camera Surveillance Violates Privacy, Mass. Court Says | Bloomberg Law

Rider Surveillance Poses Threat to LGBTQ Privacy | Los Angeles Blade

ACLU Demands Information from Boston Police on Use of Force and Surveillance | NBC

Baltimore Police Seek to Quash Challenge to Aerial Surveillance | Bloomberg Law

The Fallacy Behind Private Surveillance Cameras in San Francisco | Cal Matters

The EU is Launching a Market for Personal Data. Here’s What that Means for Privacy | MIT Technology Review

Ontario is Spending $6M to Help Police Buy More Surveillance Cameras | blogTO

Serbia’s Surveillance Cameras can Recognize Faces, License Plates | Reason

Biometric Privacy

Instagram Faces Lawsuit over Illegal Harvesting of Biometrics | Bloomberg

Macy’s Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Use of Facial Recognition Software | Security InfoWatch

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Prosecutors can Force Defendants to give up Cellphone Passcodes, NJ Supreme Court Rules |


Slack Talks up Security with New Encryption Options, FedRAMP Certification | Computerworld

DARPA Investing in Encryption to Secure “Internet of Things” | Bloomberg Government

As Trump Bans WeChat, Some in China Turn to Encrypted Messaging App Signal | CNBC

China is Now Blocking All Encrypted HTTPS Traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI | ZDNet

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Brief: Hackers may have Breached Library Donor Data [Blackbaud] in New York | Government Technology

Have I Been Pwned to Release Code Base to the Open Source Community | ZDNet

Intel Investigating Data Breach Following Online Release of 20GB of Internal Data | Silicon Angle

SANS Infosec Training Org Suffers Data Breach after Phishing Attack | BleepingComputer

Catholic Archdiocese Shares Information about Data Security Breach [Blackbaud] | The Oklahoman

Online Exam Tool Suffers Data Breach [ProctorU] | InfoSecurity

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

ReVoLTE Attack can Decrypt 4G (LTE) Calls to Eavesdrop on Conversations | ZDNet

Kr00k, KRACK, and the Seams in Wi-Fi, IoT Encryption | Dark Reading

Google Crypto Expert Exposes Trio of AWS Encryption Bugs | Computer Business Review

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