Privacy News and Views for August 25


A Judge Said The Government Can Search Data About A Trump Protest Website, But Under His Supervision  | Buzzfeed

  • ALA, FTRF join over 60 public interest and civil liberties groups in sending a letter to Attorney General Sessions expressing concern over the Justice Department’s demand for information associated with a protest-organizing website. Read the coalition press release.

India Supreme Court rules privacy a ‘fundamental right’ in landmark case  | CNN

Government Surveillance

Justice Department Drops Request for IP Addresses of 1.3M Visitors to Anti-Trump Website | Gizmodo

Corporate Surveillance

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun | The Guardian

Data-hucksters beware – online privacy is making a comeback  | The Guardian

Sonos Holds Software Updates Hostage If You Don’t Sign New Privacy Agreement | The Consumerist

Lip-reading CCTV could soon capture shoppers’ comments for big companies  | The Herald

Plex changes its new privacy policy after backlash, clarified it’s not trying to see what’s in your library  | TechCrunch

Privacy Self-Defense

Turning To VPNs For Online Privacy? You Might Be Putting Your Data At Risk  | NPR

Broadband Privacy

While Congress kills internet privacy, states take a stand for users  | The Hill

Biometric Privacy

Biometric Boarding Takes Off Despite Privacy Concerns  | Apex

Transgender YouTubers had their videos grabbed to train facial recognitiron software   | The Verge

To Protect Your Privacy, Encrypt Your DNA | Wired

Law and Regulation

Uber Settles With FTC Over Allegations of False Privacy and Security Claims | Lexology

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