Privacy News for August 28

Privacy and the Pandemic

Privacy Risks and Implications of Contact Tracing Apps and Related Technologies | JDSupra

FBI Investigating COVID-19 Data Breach in South Dakota | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Don’t Default to Mass Surveillance in the Workplace | The Hill

‘Black Holes’: India’s Coronavirus Apps Raise Privacy Fears | Reuters

Government Surveillance

Palantir’s CEO Slams Big Tech’s Commercial Surveillance while Defending Government Surveillance | CNN

What’s a Palantir? The Tech Industry’s Next Big I.P.O. | The New York Times

Military Surveillance Planes Didn’t Spy on Protestors, Pentagon Report Finds | The New York Times

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Biometrics and Body Temperature Scanning Technology for Schools Rolls Out |

Proctoring Apps Subject Students to Unnecessary Surveillance | EFF

Colleges Weigh Transparency Versus Privacy When it Comes to Covid-19 Data | The Wall Street Journal

Biometric Privacy

PopID’s Face-Based Payments Pose Privacy and Security Risks | VentureBeat

Pittsburgh City Council Introduces Police Facial Recognition, Predictive Policing Ban | Pittsburgh City Paper

Trump’s Chicago Hotel Hit with Biometric Privacy Suit | Law360 [paywalled]

UK Police Plan to Introduce Controversial Biometric Technology Despite Growing Chorus of Concern |


AMD, Google Encrypt Data on Confidential VMs | Enterprise AI

Researchers Develop Attacks Targeting End-to-End Encryption in Emails | Decipher

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Former Uber Security Chief Charged with Paying ‘Hush Money’ to Conceal Data Breach | NPR

How to Deal with this TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Data Breach | Lifehacker

Blackbaud Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Data | The Non Profit Times

Popular Stock Image Website Freepik Suffers Massive Data Breach | TechRadar


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