Privacy News for August 6, 2021

Privacy and the Pandemic

You’re going to be asked to prove your vaccination status. Here’s how to do it. | The Washington Post

New York City’s Vaccine Passport Plan Renews Online Privacy Debate | New York Times

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

New bill could be a ‘game changer’ for kids’ privacy | Politico

Why all data governance needs to consider children’s rights | Berkman Klein Center

Government Surveillance

Suburbs of Surveillance | Bloomberg CityLab

City commission questions LBPD on its use of facial recognition technology | Long Beach Post

Meet Paragon: An American-Funded, Super-Secretive Israeli Surveillance Startup That ‘Hacks WhatsApp And Signal’ | Forbes

A Fire in Minnesota. An Arrest in Mexico. Cameras Everywhere. | The New York Times

The Cryptocurrency Surveillance Provision Buried in the Infrastructure Bill is a Disaster for Digital Privacy | EFF

Biometric Privacy

Police across UK testing new retrospective facial recognition that could identify criminals and missing people |

Increased interoperability of EU biometric databases may be impacting human rights |

CBP Expands Simplified Arrival at Kansas City International Airport | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

What One City Hopes to Learn by Pausing Use of Facial Recognition Technology | Route Fifty

How To Fool Facial Recognition Systems | Analytics India

Laws, Legislation, and Regulations

Colorado Becomes Third State to Enact Comprehensive Privacy Legislation | Lexology

Dark patterns — a new frontier in privacy regulation | Reuters

Metadata and Civil Liberties | The Great Courses Daily

New police reform law leaves facial recognition debate unsettled | Cape Cod Times

Surveillance Capitalism

Corporate America Is Building Its Own Surveillance State. Will the FTC Stop It? | Gizmodo

Zoom settles US class action privacy lawsuit for $86m | BBC


Regulated encryption isn’t possible–here’s what is | Politico

Facebook is reportedly trying to analyze encrypted data without deciphering it | Engadget

WhatsApp refuses to use Facebook’s creepy encryption-beating tech for targeted ads | BGR

Hackers build a better timing attack to crack encryption keys | SearchSecurity

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Amazon Gets Record $888 Million EU Fine Over Data Violations | Bloomberg

Third-Party Health Data Breach Hits Pennsylvania Health Network | Health IT Security

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