Privacy News and Views for December 15

Featured: Libraries and Privacy

The State of HTTPS in Libraries | Choose Privacy Week

No cameras for Lebanon libraries | Valley News (NH)

Government Surveillance

Secret surveillance methods in the Digital Age—how to ensure human rights protection |

Court Holds NYPD In Contempt For Refusing To Hand Over Documents Related To Black Live Matter Surveillance | TechDirt

Corporate Surveillance

You can log out, but you can’t hide | Axios

Digital giants are trading away our right to privacy | Open Democracy

How email open tracking quietly took over the web | Wired

Inside the secret world of the corporate spies who infiltrate protests | The Guardian

Netflix: “Creepy” tweet raises questions about how much the company knows about customers | The Independent

Privacy Self-Defense

The Grand Tor: How to Go Anonymous Online | Wired

How to Encrypt All of the Things | Wired

Students and Minors’ Privacy

Federal agencies respond to concerns about student privacy | Lexology


FBI director again laments strong encryption in remarks to Congress | Ars Technica

Biometric Privacy

Lawsuits allege dozens of employers illegally forcing workers to provide fingerprints | Illinois News Network

Law and Regulation

Principles for Privacy Legislation: Putting People Back in Control of Their Information | Public Knowledge

Canadian Supreme Court Says Privacy Protections Apply To Sent Text Messages Obtained From The Recipient | TechDirt

The Legal Risks of Monitoring Employees Online | Harvard Business Review

This Week in Data Breaches

Oklahoma alerts 47,000 clients about data breach for the 2nd time | Healthcare IT News

Data breach exposes social security numbers, birth dates of hundreds of Texas students | Dallas News