Privacy News and Views for December 8


Libraries and the Fight for Privacy | Cor Lehane, Huffington Post

Government Surveillance

Lawmakers Tie FISA Data Disclosures to Section 702 Reauthorization |  The District Sentinel

The White House just bought four more months for NSA reauthorization | The Verge

Warrantless surveillance can continue even if law expires, officials say | The New York Times

These Are the Technology Firms Lining Up To Build Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Program | The Intercept

Big Brother is Watching You: Feds Now Vetting Foreign Workers Via Social Media | Lexology

Trump’s voter fraud commission plans to create a massive voter database. Former national security officials say it could be hacked. | Washington Post

Corporate Surveillance

Your Geolocation Data Is Already For Sale | International Business Times

How identity data is turning toxic for big companies | The Conversation

Libraries and Privacy

Alameda County library still doesn’t know how many patrons were hacked | East Bay Times

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Democratic senators question privacy, security of Facebook’s ‘Messenger Kids’ | The Hill

Dummy Christmas CCTV camera for kids is a real lump of coal | IAPP Privacy Perspectives


Intelligence Director Says Gov’t Can Demand Encryption Backdoors Without Having To Run It By The FISA Court | Techdirt


No boundaries: Exfiltration of personal data by session-replay scripts | Freedom to Tinker

Law and Regulation

Following Uber Breach, Senators Introduce Data Breach Notification Act | Digital Guardian

EU regulators threaten court challenge to EU-U.S. data transfer pact | Reuters

Transatlantic Data Privacy | Social Science Research Network

English High Court Finds Supermarket Liable for Data Breach by Employee in First Successful Privacy Class Action | National Law Journal

This Week in Data Breaches

Nearly 20,000 patients compromised by Henry Ford hospital data breach | Detroit Free Press

Former employee reportedly steals mental health data on 28,434 Bexar County patients | San Antonio Express News

PayPal’s TIO Networks reveals data breach impacted 1.6M users | WBNS 10TV

City Utilities discloses possible data breach | Fox5 Ozarks (Missouri)

Five Denton County schools impacted by state agency data breach | Denton Record-Chronicle

Exclusive: Uber paid 20-year-old Florida man to keep data breach secret – sources | Reuters

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