Privacy News for December 13th

Government Surveillance

NSA Phone Surveillance Program Faces an End as Parties Come Together | The Wall Street Journal

ACLU Sues Homeland Security over ‘Stingray’ Cell Phone Surveillance | TechCrunch

Republicans Condemn FBI’s Use of Surveillance Powers they Long Supported | The Wall Street Journal

We Just Got a Rare Look at National Security Surveillance. It was Ugly. | The New York Times

Inspector General Report Renews Scrutiny of FBI Surveillance Practices | The Wall Street Journal

Special Report: White House Veterans Helped Gulf Monarchy Build Secret Surveillance Unit | U.S. News & World Report

The US, like China, has About One Surveillance Camera for Every Four People, Says Report | The Verge

‘Social Credit Score’: China set to Roll out ‘Orwellian’ Mass Surveillance Tool | The Washington Times

Maryland Uses Surveillance, Data to Track Drivers, Traffic | Washington Times

Everyday Surveillance

Behind the One-Way Mirror: A Deep Dive into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance | EFF

Ring’s Hidden Data Let Us Map Amazon’s Sprawling Home Surveillance Network | Gizmodo

Meet the Scholar who Diagnosed ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ | Snopes (Associated Press)

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

FTC Urged to Step Up Enforcement of Children’s Privacy Rules | MediaPost

A Few Tweaks and School Facial Recognition will be Approved | Governing

TikTok Settles Class Action over Child Privacy One Day After it’s Filed | Naked Security

Toys “R” Us is Back–Now with More Surveillance! | Wired

Biometric Privacy

How China Cornered the Facial Recognition Surveillance Market | Los Angeles Times


Facebook and Barr Escalate Standoff over Encrypted Messages | The New York Times

Encryption Backdoors Won’t Stop Crime but Will Hurt U.S. Tech | Bloomberg

Senate Judiciary Committee Wants Everyone to Know it’s Concerned about Encryption | EFF

Apple Used the DMCA to Take Down a Tweet Containing an iPhone Encryption Key | Vice

Scientists Crack Longest, Most Complex Encryption Key: It Took a Total Computing Time of 35 Million Hours | Popular Mechanics

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Trump Reportedly Uses Unsecured Phone Lines. Cybersecurity Experts Explain why those are ‘So Easy to Hack it’s Scary.’ | Business Insider

Ransomware at Colorado IT Provider Affects 100+ Dental Offices | Krebs on Security

Cybersecurity Insiders say Big Companies use NDAs to Hide Data Breaches, Potentially Avoiding Millions of Dollars in Fines | Business Insider

Desjardins Says Data Breach also Affects 1.8-Million Credit-Card Accounts | Montreal Gazette

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