Privacy News for December 6th

Libraries and Privacy

LinkedIn Pauses Changes to After Libraries Raise Privacy Concerns | EdSurge

Biometric Privacy

DHS Withdraws Proposal to Require Airport Facial Scans for U.S. Citizens | The Washington Post

Seattle to Replace Air and Sea Travel Documents with Facial Recognition by 2021 | Homeland Security Today

China Rolling out Facial Recognition for All New Mobile Phone Numbers | CNN

Biometric Data Standards in 50 Countries Ranked with China and U.S. Near Bottom |

N.Y. School District Moves Closer to Being Able to Use Facial, Object Recognition System | Security

CITeR Director Talks Research to Inform Dialogue on Children’s Biometrics and Privacy |

A UK Bank is Testing a Key Fob that Uses Your Fingerprint to Make Payments | CNBC

India has the World’s Largest Biometric Data Store, and it is Terrible at Handling It | Quartz India


StrongSalt Develops API to Make Encrypted Data Searchable | ITProToday

The Debate over how to Encrypt the Internet of Things | Wired

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

PRIMER: Cina’s Cryptography Law | International Financial Law Review

Thought Pieces

‘Why Is My City Monitoring Me?’ | Law360

Education before Regulation: Empowering Students to Question their Data Privacy | EDUCAUSE Review

Encryption is Under Attack. Here’s Why that Matters | World Economic Forum

Should your Boss be Monitoring your Blood Pressure? Professor Warns about Potential Misuse of Employee Health Data | Bentley University

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Biggest 2019 Data Breaches: Some of the Worst of the Worst | Security Boulevard

Mixcloud Data Breach Exposes over 20 Million Records | TechCrunch

HackerOne’s Breach Highlights Security Business Partner Risk | CIODive

Palo Alto Networks Employee Data Breach Highlights Risks Posed by Third Party Vendors | Security Boulevard

Millions of SMS Messages Exposed in Database Security Lapse | TechCrunch

New Zealand’s Gun Buyback Website ‘A Shopping List for Criminals’ | The Guardian

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Biometric Data Processing and Storage System Threats | Kaspersky

Privacy Tools

A Smartphone Privacy Starter-Kit | Catalyst

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