Privacy News and Views for February 2


Reforming the U.S. Approach to Data Protection and Privacy | Council on Foreign Relations

Privacy at ALA Midwinter 2018 | OIF Blog

Government Surveillance

Americans Wanted More Privacy Protections. Congress Gave Them Fewer. | Slate

How to Get a Wiretap to Spy on Americans, and Why That Matters Now | New York Times

There Is No Good Reason for the Government to Scan People’s Faces as They Leave the Country | Slate

The New ‘Digital’ Sanctuaries | CityLab: “Cities that were at the forefront of limiting their own participation in aggressive federal immigration enforcement are now expanding the scope of their work: Protecting their residents from data-collection and surveillance, too.”

Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day! A turning point for anonymity, privacy, and the tools that deliver them | BoingBoing

Data Privacy Day 2018: Data Breaches, Harm, and Culture | Bloomberg Law

Corporate Surveillance

Facebook reveals privacy principles for first time, helps users control access | The Guardian

An incredibly important paper on whether data can ever be “anonymized” and how we should handle release of large data-sets | BoingBoing

Equifax, still having problems computering, releases credit locking app that doesn’t | Ars Technica

Online Consumers Value Security Over Convenience: Study | Credit Union Times

The Google Arts & Culture App and the Rise of the “Coded Gaze” | The New Yorker

The Injustice of Algorithms | The New Republic

Privacy Self-Defense

Five digital security tools to protect your work and sources | Int”l Consortium of Investigative Journalists

How to manage your privacy on fitness apps | Wired

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Voice recordings, interconnected apps, and parental consent: An update on COPPA privacy compliance | Lexology

Law and Regulation

Carpenter v. United States Privacy Case Pushes Supreme Court to Decide Fourth Amendment Protections of Cell Phone Metadata | Lexology

Tougher privacy and data security protections coming to North Carolina | Lexology

This Week in Data Breaches

Oklahoma State Hack Compromises Half a Million Records | Data Privacy and Security Insider



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