Privacy News for February 21

Government Surveillance

DNA Databases are Boon to Police but Menace to Privacy, Critics Say | Pew

Bloomberg’s NYPD Spied on me for Being Muslim. He has Never Apologized | The Washington Post

How Bloomberg-Funded Center for American Progress Censored a Report on NYPD Surveillance of Muslims | Democracy Now!

Metropolitan Police Deploys Facial Recognition in Central London with Two Hours’ Warning | Independent

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Ring and Nest Helped Normalize American Surveillance and Turned Us into a Nation of Voyeurs | The Washington Post

Trust and Consequences: The Government Required him to see a Therapist. He Thought his Words Would be Confidential. Now, the Traumatized Migrant may be Deported | The Washington Post

Insecure Surveillance Cameras Provide Dystopian Peep Show [DIY] | Hackaday

‘They know us better than we know ourselves’: how Amazon tracked my last two years of reading | The Guardian

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Privacy Rights Group Calls for ‘Day of Action’ to Ban Facial Recognition at All Schools |

Facial Recognition Surveillance on Campus | Inside Higher Ed

Thought Pieces

Mass Surveillance and Black Legal History | American Constitutional Society

Biometric Privacy

Biometrics Invade Banking and Retail | Axios

NYU Launches Alliance to Promote Discussions about Biometrics and Other Public Interest Technologies |

Motorola Sued Over Mugshot Database | Law Street Media

Biometric Privacy Lawsuit Hits Law Enforcement Provider in Latest Round of BIPA Class Actions |


Primer: Police Scanner Encryption | Santa Monica Daily Press

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Personal Information of 7.2 Million Tennessee Drivers Sold to Companies by State Agency | Fox17

Nedbank Says 1.7 Million of its Clients may have been Hit by a ‘Data Incident’ | Business Insider South Africa

Cities are Fleeing Payment Platform Click2Gov after Data-Breach Resurgence | StateScoop

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Signal is Finally Bringing its Secure Messaging to the Masses | Wired

NIST Privacy Framework Looks to Underpin Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence | Federal News Network

Get a Grip on Data in Box and Beyond – For Compliance Sake | CipherCloud

Kingston IronKey D300 Encrypted USB Flash Drive Gets NATO Restricted Level Certification | ZDNet

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