Privacy News for February 28

Government Surveillance

NSA Phone Surveillance Program Cost $100 Million and Yielded One Major Investigation: Report | The Hill

Congress Braces for Potential Surveillance Debacle after Barr Briefing | Politico

Trump Administration Targets your ‘Warrant-Proof’ Encrypted Messages | NPR

The Absurd, Almost Comic Folly of Michael Bloomberg’s Muslim Surveillance | Slate

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Airbnb is Recommending Surveillance Devices to Make Sure Guests Behave | Forbes

Madison Police add Surveillance Cameras, Partner with Amazon on Public Safety App |

Students and Minors’ Privacy

Schools are Pushing the Boundaries of Surveillance Technologies | EFF

New Mexico AG Sues Google for Collecting School Kids’ Personal Data [via Chromebooks] | Reuters

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Push for More Privacy Protections Throws Surveillance Bill Talks into Disarray | The New York Times

Proposed Bill Could Undermine Encryption Technologies, Limit Protections and Jeopardize your Privacy | Forbes

Springfield Passes Moratorium on Face Surveillance Technology | WAMC Northeast Public Radio


The Cybersecurity 202: The Justice Department is Giving up on an Encryption Truce with Big Tech | The Washington Post

Firefox Starts Encrypting Domain Names | MediaPost

MI5 Chief asks Tech Firms for ‘Exceptional Access’ to Encrypted Messages | The Guardian

Internet Security Borne out of Collaboration between Princeton and Let’s Encrypt | Princeton University

Thought Pieces

An Awakening over Data Privacy | The Harvard Gazette

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Clearview AI’s Entire Client List Stolen in Data Breach | CNET

MGM Resorts Says Data Breach Exposed Some Guests’ Personal Information [10.6 Million People Affected] | The New York Times

Data Breach Occurs at Agency in Charge of Secure White House Communications | ThreatPost

Personal Information of Nearly 360,000 Quebec Teachers Exposed in Data Breach | Global News


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