Privacy News for February 7

Government Surveillance

Why We Don’t Know as much as We Should about Police Surveillance Technology | Vox

Hiding in Plain Sight: Activists Don Camouflage to Beat Met Surveillance | The Guardian

Everyday Surveillance

Rekor Software Adds License Plate Reader Technology to Home Surveillance, Causing Privacy Concerns | WKYC

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

The Surveillance-Industrial Complex is Targeting our Kids | MinnPost


FBI Director Argues Private Companies Shouldn’t Decide Encryption Debate | Nextgov

Weak Encryption Means Putting Our Military at Risk | Cyber Scoop

Feds Order Massive Number of Tech Giants to Help Hunt Down One WhatsApp Meth Dealer | Forbes

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Don’t Sell My Data! We Finally Have a Law for That [California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)] | The Washington Post

Court Hinges Privacy Rights on Smartphone Settings | The Beacon

Draft Law Would Put Encryption at Risk, Report Says | CNET

Data Breaches and Leaks

An Incident Impacting Your Account Identity | Twitter

Healthcare Data: The New Prize for Hackers | Security Boulevard

Privacy Tools and Techniques

How to Change iOS 13 Settings for Better Security | TechRepublic

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