Privacy News and Views for January 26

Featured: Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day: A Reminder to Safeguard Your Data | Consumer Reports

Data Privacy Day: Where Has Privacy Gone, and Will We Ever Get it Back? | Security Boulevard

Privacy Self-Defense

Privacy Tip #123 – Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week | Data Privacy + Security Insider

Apple is adding a new Privacy icon to iOS and macOS to prevent iCloud password phishing | The Verge

DuckDuckGo adds tracker blocking to help curb the wider surveillance web | TechCrunch

Government Surveillance

Exclusive: ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US | The Verge

Trump voting commission bought Texas election data flagging Hispanic voters | Washington Post

Surveillance Technologies

They Are Watching You—and Everything Else on the Planet | National Geographic

Corporate Surveillance

If you’re using an Android phone, Google may be tracking every move you make | Quartz

Facebook to hand privacy controls to users ahead of EU law | Reuters


Tinder’s Lack of Encryption Lets Strangers Spy on Your Swipes | Wired

Biometric Privacy

Biometric Data: Are We Safer in Illinois, Or Just Having Less Fun? | Chicago Tonight/WTTW

Google’s ‘Art Selfie’ Move Highlights Escalating Legal Battle Over Biometrics |  The Recorder

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

How to find an LMS that supports student privacy and data security | eSchool News

Law and Regulation

Federal Trade Commission Issues Privacy and Data Security Report for 2017 | Lexology

Business booms for privacy experts as landmark data law looms | Reuters

Tech giants and elected officials back Microsoft in Supreme Court case on international data privacy | GeekWire

Microsoft gets backing in Supreme Court case with big privacy implications | The Oregonian

This Week in Data Breaches

Mississippi student data accessed in testing-vendor breach | Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS)

Top 500 Legal Firms Have Over a Million of Their Credentials Leaked on the Dark Web | WCCF Tech

Kris Kobach’s Office Leaks Last 4 Social Security Digits of Nearly Every Kansas Lawmaker and Thousands of State Employees | Gizmodo

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