Privacy News for January 10th

Government Surveillance

This Secretive Surveillance Company is Selling Cops Cameras Hidden in Gravestones | Vice

The U.S. Government’s Mass Collection of Immigrant DNA Hints at Surveillance Future | OneZero

Iran Tensions Increase Social Media Surveillance at the US Border | WIRED

Everyday Surveillance

What to Consider Before Trading Your Health Data for Cash | Wirecutter

Why an Internet that Never Forgets is Especially Bad for Young People | Technology Review

Biometric Privacy

Fight Against Facial Recognition Hits Wall Across the West | Politico


Apple Privacy Executive Defends Encryption After FBI Request | Bloomberg Law

U.S. Launches Fresh Assault on Apple’s ‘Warrant-Proof Encryption’ | Forbes

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

House Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect Children’s Privacy Online | The Hill

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

School Management Software Provider Discloses Severe Security Breach | ZDNet

IoT Vendor Wyze Confirms Server Leak | ZDNet

Minnesota Hospital Warns Nearly 50,000 Patients of Data Breach | Becker Hospital Review

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

High-Impact Windows 10 Security Threat Revealed as App-Killing Malware Evolves | Forbes

DeathRansom Evolves from Joke to Actual Ransomware | ZDNet

Privacy Tools

ProtonCalendar Fully Encrypted Calendar Tool Launches in Beta | SlashGear


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