Privacy News for January 29

Government Surveillance

Surveillance and Local Police: How Technology is Evolving Faster than Regulation | NPR

Group to No Longer Fund Aerial Surveillance Over Cities | Minneapolis Star Tribune

St. Louis Aldermen Endorse 18-Hour Aircraft Surveillance | KY3 AP

Revealed: Massive Chinese Police Database | The Intercept

Germany Expected to Put Right-Wing AfD Under Surveillance for Violating Constitution | NPR

Biometric Privacy

Facial Recognition Tech and Biometrics Under Scrutiny at FTC | JDSupra

Is Data Privacy a Priority for DHS? Policy Compliance Looks an Afterthought — Watchdog Report |

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Why Washington State Could Finally Pass Data Privacy Laws with a Bill Backed by the Tech Industry | GeekWire

Utah Senate Proposal Would Codify Facial Recognition Guidelines | FindBiometrics

New FTC Leadership Likely to Put Consumer Privacy in the Crosshairs | Bloomberg Law

Why Biden Needs to Make Genetic Data Privacy a Top Priority | The Philadelphia Inquirer


Fleeing WhatsApp for Better Privacy? Don’t Turn to Telegram | WIRED

Top Michigan State Police Officials Using Encryption Messaging Apps that Can Evade FOIA | Detroit Free Press

ProtonMail, Threeman, Tresorit and Tutanota Warn EU Lawmakers Over ‘Anti-Encryption’ Push | TechCrunch


End Two Federal Programs that Fund Police Surveillance Tech | EFF

NYC Surveillance Cameras Targeted in Amnesty International Crowdsource Project | TechNewsWorld

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Biden Administration Faces Mounting Pressure to Address SolarWinds Breach | CNN

SonicWall Breached Via Zero-Day Flaw in Remote Access Tools | CRN

San Francisco Law Firm Investigating PupBox Data Breach | InfoSecurity

2.28M MeetMindful Daters Compromised in Data Breach | ThreatPost

Bonobos Clothing Store Suffers a Data Breach, Hacker Leaks 70GB Database | BleepingComputer

Intel Confirms Unauthorized Access of Earnings-Related Data | DarkReading


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