Privacy News for January 8

Privacy and the Pandemic

Singapore Reveals Covid Privacy Data Available to Police | BBC

COVID-19 and Surveillance Tech: Year in Review 2020 | EFF

Government Surveillance

Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tool Operates in Obscurity Across the Country | The Intercept

High Tech Police Surveillance of Protests and Activism: Year in Review 2020 | EFF

After finding Glitch, Massachusetts Suspends Use of Controversial Camera System that Lets Police Track Cars | Boston Globe

Fresno Sheriff’s Office Accused of Ignoring Public Record Laws Over Drone Surveillance | The Fresno Bee

Michigan Governor Says No to Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Home Resident Rooms | Becker’s Hospital Review

Biometric Privacy

Facial Recognition and Beyond: Journalist Ventures Inside China’s ‘Surveillance State’ | NPR

Let’s Face It: Facial Recognition Technology Involves More than Meets the Eye | JDSupra

Banning Government Use of Face Recognition Technology: 2020 Year in Review | EFF

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

New York Proposes a Narrow Biometrics Privacy Law |

Aerial Surveillance Plan Advances at St. Louis Board of Aldermen | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Litigation Against Mass NSA Surveillance: Year in Review 2020 | EFF

EU Registers Citizens’ Initiative Seeking Ban on Mass Surveillance Technology | Silicon Republic

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Surveillance Self-Defense and Security Education: Year in Review 2020 | EFF

How to Use OpenPGP Encryption for Emails in Thunderbird | How-To Geek

NSA Releases Cybersecurity Guide on Detecting and Fixing Outdated Encryption Protocol Implementations | Security

How to Check Your Holiday Rental for Hidden Surveillance Cameras | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Widely Used Software Company May Be Entry Point for Huge U.S. Hacking | The New York Times

T-Mobile Discloses its Fourth Data Breach in Three Years | ZDNet

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