Privacy News for July 12

Government Surveillance

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Signals it will Investigate NSA Surveillance, Facial Recognition, and Terror Watchlists | EFF

China Snares Tourists’ Phones in Surveillance Dragnet by Adding Secret App | The New York Times

Dr. Chris Gilliard on surveillance and its effects on marginalized communities | Techtonic with Mark Hurst on WFMU (Recording)

Biometric Privacy

FBI, ICE Find State Driver’s License Photos are a Gold Mine for Facial-Recognition Searches | The Washington Post

CBP Defends Facial Recognition Programs to Congress | Federal Computer Week

Victory: Somerville, Massachusetts Stands up to Stop Face Surveillance | EFF

EPIC, Coalition Call for Suspension of Face Recognition by DHS |


Australia’s Anti-Encryption Laws Being Used to Bypass Journalist Protections, Expert Says | The Guardian

Encryption Laws are Creating an Exodus of Data from Australia: Vault | ZDNet

The Movement to Ban End-to-End Encryption has hit Another Inflection Point | CPO Magazine

Thought Pieces

How to Protect our Kids’ Data and Privacy | Wired

How Secure are Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud? | ProPrivacy

How to Call B.S. on Big Data: A Practical Guide | The New Yorker

Selling Your Private Information Is a Terrible Idea | The New York Times

Legislation and Regulation

As Privacy Concerns Grow, States Create Bold Policies | GovTech

House Lawmakers Target September, October for Data Privacy Bill, Aides Say | The Morning Consult

Privacy Self-Defense

‘Fingerprinting’ to Track Us Online Is on the Rise. Here’s What to Do. | New York Times

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Zoom will Fix the Flaw that let Hackers Hijack Webcams | Wired

Logitech Wireless USB Dongles Vulnerable to New Hijacking Flaws | ZDNet


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