Privacy News for July 19

Government Surveillance

How to Stop your City from Spying on You [podcast] | ACLU

Biometric Privacy

PCLOB to Review Airport Facial Recognition | Planet Biometrics

Schools are Scanning Fingerprints and this Mumsnet User Isn’t Happy | ProPrivacy

Privacy International Calls for new UN Guidelines for Biometrics in Counter-Terrorism |


The Feds Face-Off with Silicon Valley Tech Giants |

Providers not Using Encryption Enough for Data in the Cloud | Health Data Management

Latest Technology Could Miss Australia due to Encryption Laws: Telstra | ZDNet

Laws and Regulations

Facing the Issue: San Francisco Bans City Use of Facial Recognition Technology | JD Supra

International Coalition Renews Call for Australian Parliament to Amend its Dangerous Encryption Law | New America

EPIC Launches Campaign for U.S. Data Protection Agency | Epic

Why national preemption has become a technology policy flash point | Brookings Institute

The New York Privacy Act goes beyond GDPR and introduces idea of “data fiduciary” | Reclaim the Net

Thought Pieces

Avoiding a Biometric Dystopia | Help Net Security

FaceApp Adds Decades to your Age for Fun, but the Popular, Russian-Owned App Raises Privacy Concerns | The Washington Post

Privacy Tools

How to Protect Yourself from Online Scams Including Ransomware and More | PCWorld

IRpair & Phantom – Privacy Eyewear | Kickstarter [note: not an endorsement, just intriguing tech]

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Despite WhatsApp and Telegram Encryption, Files can be Hacked when Saved on Phones, Warn Researchers | The Star Online

Maryland Says Confidential Data Must be Encrypted. For 1.4 Million Students, it Wasn’t | The Washington Post

Why Microsoft’s BlueKeep Bug Hasn’t Wreaked Havoc–Yet | Wired

This Week in Data Breaches

Google Details Privacy Policy After Dutch Audio Leak | FindBiometrics

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