Privacy News for July 23, 2021

Privacy and the Pandemic

Government Contractors Have Collected Tons of Our Data in the Pandemic. What Happens to It Now? | Slate

As Offices Reopen, State Laws Thread Worker Privacy and Safety | Bloomberg Law

[Pennsylvania] State hires new contact tracing company after massive data breach | WPXI

How are PA. Health officials planning to increase accountability, privacy with new contact tracer? | Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Government Surveillance

The Assault on Our Privacy Is Being Conducted in Private | The New York Times

The Corporate Surveillance Industry Has Become a Global Monster | New Republic

How the War on Terror Enabled China’s Surveillance Dystopia | Daily Beast

York City surveillance feasibility study nears completion, final forum scrapped | York Dispatch

Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon | The Guardian

Pegasus spyware: What to know about NSO Group’s phone surveillance software | CNET

Federal Agencies Can’t Resist Using and Abusing Facial Recognition | Reason

‘It’s always watching’: Warren County [North Carolina] town to use 24-hour cameras, controversial facial recognition | WRAL

Anduril Industries Is Getting Hundreds of Millions to Build Border Surveillance Tech | dot.LA

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

State Data Privacy Bills Growing More Widespread | NextGov

Maine’s facial recognition law shows bipartisan support for protecting privacy | TechCrunch

Connecticut Passes Stronger Data Breach Notification and Cybersecurity Liability Statutes | JDSupra

New York City’s Biometric Privacy Law Takes Effect: What You Need To Know | JDSupra

Biometric Privacy

Facial recognition surges in retail stores | Axios

Black teen kicked out of skating rink after facial recognition camera misidentified her | Fox News 4

Facial Recognition Creates Risks for Trans Individuals, Others | Government Technology

Bipartisan Calls to Regulate Facial Recognition Tech Grow Louder | Nextgov

UChicago Graduate Students Develop Software to Avoid Facial Recognition Technology | The Chicago Maroon

Activist Groups Urge Retailers to Halt Facial Recognition Use | Bloomberg

US sanctions a Chinese facial recognition company with Silicon Valley funding | The Verge

Canada’s Border Agency Quietly Tested Facial Recognition at Toronto’s Pearson Airport: Report | FindBiometrics

Police Want Facial Recognition Systems Installed Across Israel | Haaretz


WhatsApp Has a Secure Fix for One of Its Biggest Drawbacks | WIRED

Ring’s end-to-end encryption is rolling out globally | The Verge

Cryptographers unearth vulnerabilities in Telegram’s encryption protocol | Cyberscoop

India’s Draconian Rules for Internet Platforms Threaten User Privacy and Undermine Encryption | EFF

Google Open-Sources A First-Of-Its-Kind, General-Purpose Transpiler For Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Enabling Developers To Compute On Encrypted Data Without Being Able To Access Any Personally Identifiable Information | MarketTechPost

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Despite the hype, iPhone security no match for NSO spyware | The Washington Post

Private Israeli spyware used to hack cellphones of journalists, activists worldwide | The Washington Post

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

A Prominent Priest Was Outed for Using Grindr. Experts Say It’s a Warning Sign. | Slate

Media companies investigating data leak uncover global abuse of cyber-surveillance technology | Jurist

Mint Mobile hit by a data breach after numbers ported, data accessed | BleepingComputer

Morgan Stanley discloses data breach that resulted from Accellion FTA hacks | ArsTechnica

Kaseya Failed to Address Security Before Hack, Ex-Employees Say | The Washington Post

Gun owners’ fears after firearms dealer data breach | BBC

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