Privacy News for July 24

Privacy and the Pandemic

UK Admits Test and Trace Program Breaks Privacy Law | Forbes

As Coronavirus Testing Expands, New Personal Privacy Issues Arise | Hartford Courant

Contact Tracing Might Become Cops’ Newest Surveillance Tool | Daily Beast

Government Surveillance

DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues and Monuments | Lawfare

Leahy Demands Answers from Barr on Potentially Illegal Surveillance Programs | Vermont Business Magazine

FBI Reportedly Uses a Travel Company’s Data for Worldwide Surveillance | Engadget

Silicon Valley Reps Demand Answers about Government Surveillance at Protests | San Jose Spotlight

‘Big Brother’ goes Underground: Moscow Metro to Equip 1,500 Train Cars with Facial Recognition by end of Year | RT

Biometric Privacy

Biometrics in Counter-Terrorism Report Raises Human Rights, Ethical Issues |

Facebook Sweetens Biometric Privacy Accord to $650 Million | Bloomberg

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Sens. Sanders, Warren, Wyden Back National Facial Recognition Ban Bill | CNET

New Privacy Laws in California and New York are on a Collision Course with the COVID-19 Technology Boom | JDSupra

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Tech-Enabled ‘Terror Capitalism’ is Spreading Worldwide. The Surveillance Regimes must be Stopped | The Guardian

Increased Crowd-Sourced Surveillance Threatens our Privacy Rights | Chicago Sun Times


U.S. Appeals Court Won’t Unseal Papers in Facebook Encryption Fight | The New York Times

Encryption Software for Dissidents Could be Collateral Damage of Budget Fight | Politico

Why End-to-End Encryption Laws Matter to All of Us | IT Pro Portal

Microsoft Double Key Encryption Enters Public Review | ZDNet

The Past, Present and Future of Attribute-Based Encryption | Tech News World

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Popular Chinese-Made Drone [DJI] is Found to Have Security Weakness | The New York Times

GEDmatch Confirms Data Breach After Users’ DNA Profile Data Made Available to Police | TechCrunch

Data Breach of Free VPN Providers Exposes Details of Millions of Users | The Sydney Morning Herald

Wattpad Warns of Data Breach that Stole User Info | CBC

D-Link Blunder: Firmware Encryption Key Exposed in Unencrypted Image | Bleeping Computer

Companies with Poor Privacy Practices are 80% More apt to Suffer Data Breach | TechRepublic

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