Privacy News for July 26

Everyday Surveillance

Adware is the Malware you Should Actually Worry About | Wired

Biometric Privacy

Facial Recognition may be Banned from Public Housing Thanks to Proposed Law | CNET

Minneapolis Official Wants to get Ahead of Police use of Facial Recognition | SecurityInfoWatch

Google Bought my Friend’s Face for $5 | ZDNet

When will we get the Full Truth About how and why the Government is Using Face Recognition? | EFF


Barr Revives Encryption Debate, Calling on Tech Firms to Allow for Law Enforcement | The New York Times

Dem Senator says he Believes Trump Would ‘Knowlingly’ Abuse Surveillance Powers | The Hill

Why the Ghost Keys ‘Solution’ to Encryption is no Solution | Just Security

Morgan Stanley Launches Encrypted Document-Sharing Platform Powered by Box | CIO Dive

Homomorphic Encryption Technology Trialled in ElectionGuard | MSPower

Laws and Regulations

Encryption Laws to run up Against CLOUD Act and DGPR: Law Council | ZDNet

BIPA Update: Class Actions on the Rise in Illinois Courts | JDSupra

Privacy Tools

How to Enable Device Encryption on Windows 10 Home | Windows Central

“Juggalo” Makeup Fools Facial Recognition Tech in Biometrics Setback | The Great Courses Daily

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Hit by Ransomware, one Pa. Library Returns to Paper-Only Loans | WITF

Audit adds 14 more Deficiencies to IRS’ Cybersecurity Woes | Homeland Security Today


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