Privacy News for July 5

LIbrary Privacy

Grand jury looks at library patron privacy |  Register-Pajaronian

Grand jury: Santa Cruz libraries should better protect patron privacy | Santa Cruz Sentinel

Government Surveillance

Thailand Orders Facial Biometrics Collection for SIM use in Muslim-Majority States |

Biometric Privacy

Cyberlink Running Retail Facial Biometrics Trials in Asia and Plans to Launch U.S. Trials Soon |

Watchdog Urges Biometrics Regulation in Policing | ComputerWeekly

Facing the Privacy Costs of Biometric Identification | GovTech


Investing in the Internet of Things Security | Forbes

Encryption is ‘Key’ for CEOs to Avoid Potential Prison Time | SC Magazine

NSAB Comes up with Traceability to Help Whatsapp | The Economic Times

Encryption and Authentication: The One-Two Punch that Protects your Data | Security Magazine

Laws and Regulations

Class Action: Amazon Violates IL Law When Alexa Records Voices of Alexa Users, Non-Users, Kids | Cook County Record

Trump Officials Weigh Encryption Crackdown | Politico

New Jersey Eyes Regulation of Biometric Data | New Jersey Law Journal

As privacy concerns grow, states create bold policies | Government Technology

Thought Pieces

The Case for Encryption: Fact vs. Fiction | DARKReading

Encryption Helped win America’s Revolutionary War | Hashed Out

Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time. Can privacy survive? | MIT Technology Review

Privacy Tools

How to Securely Send Your Personal Information | The Parallax

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

OpenPGP Cert Spamming Attack Throws Encryption System into Chaos | The Daily Swig

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