Privacy News and Views for July 6

Choose Privacy Every Day logoGovernment Surveillance

NSA Purges Hundreds of Millions of Call and Text Records | New York Times

The NSA and the USA Freedom Act | Lawfare

Los Angeles is About to Vote About Over Whether to Surveil Muslim Americans | Pacific Standard

The ACLU’s biggest roadblock to fighting mass surveillance | Wired

Corporate Surveillance

Having more control over your data doesn’t mean it’s safe | CNN Money

How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight | New York Times

Facebook gives US lawmakers the names of 52 firms it gave deep data access to | TechCrunch

Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail | Wall Street Journal

App Traps: How Cheap Smartphones Siphon User Data in Developing Countries | Wall Street Journal

Congress grills Cambridge Analytica alum on new firm’s data use | Wired

Biometric Privacy

Newspaper Shooting Shows Widening Use of Facial Recognition by Authorities | New York Times

Genealogists Turn to Cousins’ DNA and Family Trees to Crack Five More Cold Cases | New York Times

Golden State Killer case ushers in new era of fourth-party consent | Brookings Institute

Law and Regulation

Businesses Blast California’s New Data-Privacy Law | Wall Street Journal

Tech mobilizes against California privacy law | The Hill

The Cybersecurity 202: Big tech is going after California’s new privacy law | The Washington Post

This Week in Data Breaches

Data Breach Results in $1.4 Million Theft from CHET 529 College-Savings Accounts | Data Privacy & Security Insider

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