Privacy News for June 12

Privacy During the Pandemic

Mass Surveillance During the Pandemic: Today’s Fix, Tomorrow’s Trouble | Forbes

Protecting Health Data Privacy in the Return to Work | Security Boulevard

These Chinese Firms were Blacklisted for Uighur Oppression. Now they want to Sell COVID-19 Surveillance Tools to the West | Business Insider

Google and Apple’s Rules for Virus Tracking Apps Sow Division Among States | Politico

Stop Pitting Privacy Against Public Health and Start Innovating to Address Both | Forbes

Israeli Security Head Calls for Halt in Virus Phone Tracking | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Helping Privacy Survive COVID-19: Inspirational Tidbits from William Marden, NYPL Director of Privacy and Compliance | Intellectual Freedom Blog

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent COVID-19 Spread | ArsTechnica

Government Surveillance

Of course technology perpetuates racism. It was designed that way. MIT Technology Review

The Police Have Been Spying on Black Reporters and Activists for Years. I Know Because I’m One of Them. | ProPublica

Protest Responses Raise Domestic Surveillance Concerns | Axios

Democrats Seek Answers on High-Tech Surveillance of Protesters by U.S. Agencies | Roll Call

Drone Surveillance of Protests Comes Under Fire | The Wall Street Journal

Few Answers on Who Asked Feds to Circle a Predator Surveillance Drone over Minneapolis Protests | Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Protests Prove the Need to Regulate Surveillance Tech | Wired

Biometric Privacy

The case for banning facial recognition | New York Times

Will Facial Recognition and Digital Surveillance End Anonymous Protest? | Singularity Hub

IBM Kills Facial Recognition but Surveillance Continues | Forbes

The two-year fight to stop Amazon from selling face recognition to the police | MIT Technology Review

Biometrics Experts Call for Creation of FDA-Style Government Body to Regulate Facial Recognition |


The Cybersecurity 202: Two New Developments Challenge Justice Department Arguments on Encryption | The Washington Post

IBM Releases Open Source Encryption Toolkit | Decipher

Lifesize End-to-End Encryption Applies to All | AV Magazine

Privacy Tools and Techniques

How Protesters are Turning the Tables on Police Surveillance | Vox

Signal Upgrades Encrypted Messenger with Face-Blurring to Block Biometrics |

How to get the Most out of Signal and Encrypted Chat | Wired

Messaging App Signal is Working on Encrypted Group Video Calls | PC Magazine

How to Encrypt Files and Documents | Blokt

Dropbox Introduces Password Manager with Zero-Knowledge Encryption | Mac Observer

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Fitness Depot Hit by Data Breach after ISP Fails to ‘Activate the Antivirus’ | Bleeping Computer

US Subsidiary of ST Engineering Aerospace Suffers Massive Data Breach | Channel News Asia

San Francisco Pension Data Breach may have Exposed Bank Info | Government Technology

Nintendo Confirms Additional 140,000 Accounts Compromised in April Data Breach | Security Boulevard

IT Services Giant Conduent Suffers Ransomware Attack, Data Breach | Computer Business Review

Babylon Health Admits ‘Software Error’ Led to Patient Data Breach [UK] | TechCrunch