Privacy News for June 14

Everyday Surveillance

Amazon’s Helping Police Build a Surveillance Network with Ring Doorbells | CNET

The Dawn of Robot Surveillance | ACLU

Biometric Privacy

House Homeland Security Panel to Hold Hearings on DHS’s use of Biometric Information in Wake of CBP Breach | The Hill

MS Celeb and Other Facial Biometrics Datasets Taken Down |

Furor over Facial Recognition Tech Lands on Colo. University Campus | Security InfoWatch

Nassau Adding Facial Recognition and LPR Capabilities to CCTV Program |

Laws and Regulations

Huge Scope of Australia’s New National Security Laws Reveals Itself | ZDNet

He Won a Landmark Case for Privacy Rights. He’s Going to Prison Anyway. | The New York Times

Thought Pieces

We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster | The New York Times

The International Encryption Debate: Privacy Versus Big Brother | New York Law Journal

Encryption, Privacy in the Internet Trends Report | Decipher


Details of Justice Department Efforts to Break Encryption of Facebook Messenger Must be Made Public, EFF Tells Court | EFF

Google’s Push to Close a Major Encrypted Web Loophole | Wired

This Week in Data Breaches

Customs Says Hack Exposed Traveler and License Plate Images | Los Angeles Times

Border Patrol Hack Shows how New Technology Makes Law Enforcement a Target | Fortune

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