Privacy News for June 19

Privacy and the Pandemic

Tech Firms are Spying on You. In a Pandemic, Governments Say That’s OK. | The Wall Street Journal

Coronavirus Mass Surveillance Could be Here to Stay, Experts Say | The Guardian

French Watchdog Warns Against COVID-19 Smart Surveillance | The New York Times

Bahrain, Kuwait Virus Apps Endanger Privacy, Amnesty Says | Bloomberg

Gulf States Using COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps as Mass Surveillance Tools, Report Says | The Verge

Government Surveillance

How Surveillance has Always Reinforced Racism | Wired

We Don’t Know how Protests are Being Surveilled. Here’s why That’s a Problem | CNBC

The Real Dangers of Surveillance | The New York Times

High-Tech Surveillance Amplifies Police Bias and Overreach | The Conversation

Police Ties to Ring Home Surveillance Come Under Scrutiny | Nextgov

The Business of Police Surveillance | NPR

China’s Surveillance Technology is Keeping Tabs on Populations Around the World | The Diplomat

China’s Great Firewall Looms over Hong Kong as Surveillance Grows | The Japan Times

Concerns over Cell Phone Surveillance in Mexico | Yucatan Times

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

New York City Oversight Bill to Force Police to Detail Surveillance Tools | The New York Times

Coronavirus Privacy Bill Hit Roadblocks in Congress | The Wall Street Journal

Biometric Privacy

China is Collecting DNA from Tens of Millions of Men and Boys, Using U.S. Equipment | The New York Times

Amnesty Pushes for Ban on Facial Recognition use for Mass Surveillance by Police, Government |


VICTORY: Zoom will Offer End-to-End Encryption to All its Users | EFF

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Google Chrome Users Targeted in ‘Massive Global Surveillance Campaign’ | Newsweek

Data Breach: Bundle of Dating Apps Leaking Sensitive Information Discovered | Security Boulevard

Foodora Data Breach Impacts Customers in 14 Countries | Info Security

CIA’s ‘Woefully Lax’ Security Allowed the ‘Vault 7’ Data Breach | Apple Insider

South Africa’s PostBank is Replacing 12 Million Bank Cards after Major Security Breach | Security Boulevard

Data Trends Report Highlights Risk of Data Loss in Pandemic | Digital Guardian