Privacy News for June 21

Biometric Privacy

Massachusetts can Become a National Leader to Stop Face Surveillance | EFF

Everyday Surveillance

An Army of Robot Surveillance Guards is Coming | ACLU

Privacy Advocates Call on FCC to Hold Wireless Carriers Accountable for Selling Customer Location Information to Third Parties Without Consent | New America

Laws and Regulations

Proposed Bill Would Close HIPAA Gaps, Curb Health App Privacy Risks | Health IT Security

The Lofgren-Amash Amendment Would Check Warrantless Surveillance | EFF


A Plan to Stop Data Breaches with Dead Simple Database Encryption | Wired

Google Turns to Retro Cryptography to Keep Datasets Private | Wired

Privacy Tools

How to Encrypt a Document Stored on Google Drive | TheWindowsClub

How to Encrypt and Digitally Sign a Thunderbird Email | TheWindowsClub

How to Suspend BitLocker Encryption to Perform System Changes on Windows 10 | Windows Central

Certbot’s Website gets a Refresh | EFF

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