Privacy News for June 25, 2021

Privacy During the Pandemic

78% of employers admit to using digital surveillance tools on remote workers | NBC 24

Government Surveillance

Ring gave cops free cameras to build and promote surveillance network | ArsTechnica

New Orleans Invests $70M in Police Surveillance Cameras | Government Technology

Germany’s New Surveillance Laws Raise Privacy Concerns | Human Rights Watch

Biometric Privacy

Facial recognition systems are denying unemployment benefits across the US (updated) | engadget

UK’s ICO warns over ‘Big Data’ surveillance threat of live facial recognition in public | TechCrunch

Ban biometric surveillance in public to safeguard rights, urge EU bodies | TechCrunch

Biometric selfies and forged passports: identities for sale on the dark web |

Six Flags to Pay $36M Over Collection of Fingerprints | ThreatPost

Brazil Tests Facial Recognition Airport Shuttle Service | Homeland Security Today

Hackers Fool Facial Recognition Into Thinking I’m Mark Zuckerberg | Vice

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Iowa Supreme Court Bars Warrantless Police Searches of Trash | Iowa Public Radio

Colorado Enacts New Data Privacy Law | Lexology

Baltimore City Council to ban Facial Recognition Technology | TechStory

Congress Eyes Clampdown On ‘Stingray’ Phone Surveillance | Law360 [paywalled]

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Fertility clinic discloses data breach exposing patient info | BleepingComputer

CVS Health Faces Data Breach, 1B Search Records Exposed | Health IT Security

US supermarket chain Wegmans suffers data breach due to ‘misconfigured’ databases | The Daily Swig

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