Privacy News for June 5

Privacy During the Pandemic

Surveillance Technology will Only get More Intense After Covid | Bloomberg

The Death of Privacy: What Happens to the Covid-Tracing Apps After the Virus? |

Tracking Michigan Protesters Raises Privacy, COVID-19 Spread Questions | The Detroit News

Groups say Ontario Emergency Orders to Fight Pandemic Violate Privacy | National Post

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent Covid-19 Spread | Wired

Government Surveillance

The DEA has been Given Permission to Investigate People Protesting George Floyd’s Death | BuzzFeed News

How to Identify Visible (and Invisible) Surveillance at Protests | EFF

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

House Effort to Pass Surveillance Overhaul Collapses after Trump Tweets and Pushback from DOJ | The Washington Post

iMessage and WhatsApp Users Warned about ‘Sweeping’ New Restrictions | Forbes

CCPA Enforcement Begins in July – And this Time it’s for Real | Security Boulevard

Biometric Privacy

ICE Outlines how Investigators Rely on Third-Party Facial Recognition Services | Nextgov

Incoginia Launches in U.S. with Location Behavioral Biometrics Platform | IBS Intelligence

California: Stand up to Face Surveillance | EFF

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Strategy Analytics: Almost 30% of Smart Homes are Equipped with Surveillance Cameras | Business Wire


Zoom Won’t Fully Encrypt Free Calls so it can Work with the FBI | Decrypt

What Does End-to-End Encryption in RCS Chats Mean for Google Message Users? | Times Now News

A Popular Encryption Algorithm is Being Killed Because it is too Weak [SHA-1] | TechRadar

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Surveillance Self-Defense: Attending Protests in the Age of COVID-19 | EFF

How to Protest Safely in the Age of Surveillance | Wired

How to Respond to Risk of Surveillance while Protesting | POGO

Since Zoom won’t Ensure Your Privacy, Try These Alternatives | Lifehacker

Now is the Time to Switch to an Encrypted Communication App | Popular Science

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Amtrak Discloses Data Breach, Potential Leak of Customer Account Data | ZDNet

Indian e-Payments App Exposes more than 7 Million Users in Massive Data Breach | Security Magazine

Hacker Leaks Database of Dark Web Hosting Provider [Daniel’s Hosting] | ZDNet

Researchers Find Exposed Data on Millions of Users of Quiz App, TVSmiles | TechCrunch

Most Victims Choose a Similar or Weaker Password After a Data Breach, Study Finds | Security Boulevard