Privacy News for June 7

Government Surveillance

US Now Seeking Social Media Details from All Visa Applicants | AP

Government Surveillance of Social Media Related to Immigration More Extensive than you Realize | The Hill

Everyday Surveillance

Research Shows Publishers Benefit Little from Tracking Ads | EFF

Biometric Privacy

The FBI is sitting on more than 641m photos of people’s faces | Naked Security

Lawmakers Fear that the FBI and TSA are misusing Facial Recognition Tech | CQ Roll Call

Coalition Letter Calling for a Federal Moratorium on Face Recognition | ACLU

Facial Recognition Used to Strip Adult Industry Workers of Anonymity | Naked Security

Facial Recognition Quietly Deployed to Queensland Stadiums |

Laws and Regulations

[Maine] Lawmakers Move to Pass Nation’s Strictest Internet Privacy Law | Portland Press Herald

New York’s Privacy Bill is Even Bolder than California’s | Wired

How a 2008 Illinois Statute is Shaping US Privacy Law | JD Supra

Carmakers Selling your Data Risk Collisions with Privacy Laws | Bloomberg

Thought Pieces

Digital Privacy is a Class Issue | The New Republic

As Privacy is Lost a Fingerprint at a Time, a Biometric Rebel Asserts our Rights | The Conversation

30 Years Since Tiananmen Square: the State of Chinese Censorship and Digital Surveillance | EFF

Russia and Iran Plan to Fundamentally Isolate the Internet | Wired


Russia’s Yandex Resists Pressure to Share Encryption Keys with State | Reuters

iOS Developers Still Failing to Build End-to-End Encryption into Apps | TechRepublic

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