Privacy News for March 13

Governmental Surveillance

Utah Company Banjo is Building a Massive Surveillance System with the Help of the State’s Attorney General | The Salt Lake Tribune

Germany Places Part of Far-Right Party Under Surveillance | The New York Times

Mass Surveillance Threatens Personal Privacy Amid Coronavirus [Opinion] | CoinDesk

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

House Passes Bill Preserving F.B.I. Surveillance Powers | The New York Times

Data Privacy Act Sponsors seek to Bring GDPR Requirements to Wisconsin | The National Law Review

Biometric Privacy

With Painted Faces, Artists Fight Facial Recognition Tech | The New York Times

DHS S&T [Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate] Announces Third Biometric Technology Rally [News Release] | Department of Homeland Security


Why Your Privacy Could be Threatened by a Bill to Protect Children | CNET

Thought Pieces

Free Speech isn’t a Free Pass for Privacy Violations | Slate

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Dressing for the Surveillance Age | The New Yorker

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