Privacy News for March 20: Privacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Privacy and the Pandemic

Protecting Civil Liberties During a Public Health Crisis | Electronic Frontier Foundation

U.S. Government, Tech Industry Discussing Ways to Use Smartphone Location Data to Combat Coronavirus | The Washington Post

Face Surveillance is Not the Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis | EFF

Other countries use surveillance to fight coronavirus. Privacy advocates worry the U.S. could follow. | Washington Post

Senate Democrats Raise Alarms over the Security of Google’s Coronavirus Screening Site | CNBC

We Need Privacy and Data Laws to Tackle this Global Pandemic | Berkman Klein Center

To Track Virus, Governments Weigh Surveillance Tools that Push Privacy Limits | The Wall Street Journal

The Technology 202: Coronavirus Crisis Tests Silicon Valley’s Relationship with Washington | The Washington Post

COVID-19 Tracking Data and Surveillance Risks are More Dangerous than their Rewards | NBC News

Privacy red flags go up in coronavirus fight | Politico

Surveillance Company says it’s Deploying ‘Coronavirus-Detecting’ Cameras in US | Motherboard

Emergency Legal Preparedness: COVID-19 [extensive primer] | The Network for Public Health Law

FERPA and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | Protecting Student Privacy, US Department of Education

European Mobile Operators Share Data for Coronavirus | Reuters

Israel is Deploying Spy Technology to Track the Virus Prompting Fears of Privacy Invasion | CNN

Coronavirus Spy Drones hit Europe: This is how They’re now Used | Forbes

Surveillance Campaign Against Libyans uses Fake Johns Hopkins COVID-19-Tracking Map | CyberScoop

Google launches verily site for coronavirus tests, sparking health privacy concerns | Ad Age

Government Surveillance

The Mass Surveillance Panopticon | Motherboard

Louisiana Supreme Court Affirms that Map of City Surveillance Cameras is Public Information | The Lens

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Senate Votes to Extend, not Tweak, 3 Surveillance Powers | AP

Federal Privacy Legislation Update: Consumer Data Privacy and Security Act of 2020 | National Law Review


We Built a Database of Over 500 iPhones Cops have Tried to Unlock | Motherboard

Privacy & Encryption will be More Important than Ever in Wake of Coronavirus [opinion] | TechDirt

Privacy Tools and Techniques

How to Prevent Surveillance Cameras from Being Hacked | Forbes

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Financial Companies Leak 425GB in Company, Client Data Through Open Database | ZDNet


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