Privacy News for March 6

Government Surveillance

‘Flood the Streets’: ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities with Increased Surveillance | The New York Times

This Small Company is Turning Utah into a Surveillance Panopticon | Motherboard

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Students and Maintenance Staff Protest Surveillance at Wesleyan University | Motherboard

Aspiring Terrorists are in Every Iowa School, Surveillance Companies Warn: ‘The Student Surveillance Industry is Overrun with Buzz Words, Misinformation, and Fearmongering.’ | The Gazette

Slouching Towards Dystopia

ACPD Partners with Ring to Use Doorbell Surveillance Footage [Albermarle County, VA] | The Daily Progress

Clearview’s Facial Recognition App Has Been Used By The Justice Department, ICE, Macy’s, Walmart, And The NBA | Buzzfeed

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain and Behavior | The Telegraph

Data Protection is About Power, Not Just Privacy | Public Knowledge

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

The Graham-Blumenthal Bill: A New Path for DOJ to Finally Break Encryption | EFF

Bill Aimed at Lifting Shroud of Secrecy Covering Police Surveillance Advances [Maine] | CentralMaine

Biometric Privacy

Hundreds of New Yorkers Demand a Ban on NYPD Face Surveillance | EFF


Let’s Encrypt Issues One Billionth Free Certificate | NakedSecurity

Why 3 Million Let’s Encrypt Certificates are Being Killed Off Today [March 4, 2020] | NakedSecurity

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Walgreens Mobile App Leaks Prescription Data | ThreatPost

Carnival Cruise Line Operator Discloses Potential Data Breach | BleepingComputer

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