Privacy News for May 1

Privacy During the Pandemic

Private Sector Races to Build Virus Apps to Track Employees | Financial Times

The Dangers of COVID-19 Surveillance Proposals to the Future of Protest | EFF

Survey: 4 in 5 Americans Worried Pandemic will Encourage Government Surveillance | Nextgov

Apple, Google Release Virus Contact-Tracing Tools to App Makers | Bloomberg

Most Americans are not willing or able to use an app tracking coronavirus infections. That’s a problem for Big Tech’s plan | Washington Post

Will Americans Be Willing to Install COVID-19 Tracking Apps? | Scientific American

Apple and Google’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification API: Questions and Answers | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Cyber-Intel Firms Pitch Governments on Spy Tools to Trace Coronavirus | CNBC

Managers turn to Surveillance Software, Always on Webcams to Ensure Employees are (Really) Working from Home | The Washington Post

Welcome to the Panopticon: Surveillance Expansion in the Time of Crisis | Forbes

Can We Track COVID-19 and Protect Privacy at the Same Time? | New Yorker

A scramble for virus apps that do no harm | New York Times

Lawmakers Warn Cornavirus Contact-Tracing is Ripe for Abusive Surveillance | Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus Apps: the Risk of Slipping into a Surveillance State | Financial Times

My Life in Sero-Surveillance | The New Republic

Prepare for less privacy | Axios

China is Installing Surveillance Cameras Outside People’s Front Doors … and Sometimes Inside their Homes | CNN Business

Coronavirus Lockdown Causing ‘Creeping’ Expansion of Intrusive Surveillance Tactics, Campaigners Warn | Independent

Shift to online learning ignites student privacy concerns | IAPP

Contact-tracing apps are not a solution to the COVID-19 crisis | Brookings

Companies bet on AI cameras to track social distancing, limit liability | Reuters

Government Surveillance

CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo once Helped KKK Leader Shoot up a Synagogue | OneZero

Utah Pauses Banjo’s AI Surveillance after Learning of Owner’s Racist Past | Engadget

U.S. Appeals Court Asks why Facebook Encryption Order Should Stay Sealed | The New York Times

Fight over Baltimore’s Aerial Surveillance Heads to 4th Circ. | Law360

Public Authorities set to Receive Expanded Surveillance Powers [UK] | ComputerWeekly

Intel Report Warns Zoom Could be Vulnerable to Foreign Surveillance | ABC News

Biometric Privacy

INSIGHT: Illinois Biometric Privacy Law has Nationwide Potential in Pandemic | Bloomberg Law

New Footstep Sensors Turn Floor into Gait Recognition System | FindBiometrics


Security News this Week: Zoom Upgrades Encryption Keys to what it Promised all Along | Wired

Facebook Users Beware: Here’s why Messenger Rooms is not Actually that Private | Forbes

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Virtual Programming and Patron Privacy | ALSC

WhatsApp Trials Video Calls with up to Eight People | Engadget

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Apple Confirms New Warning Affecting Almost All iPhone Users | Forbes

Lucy Malware for Android Apps Adds File-Encryption for Ransomware Ops | BleepingComputer

Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs | Reuters

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Nintendo Data Breach – What You Need to Know | Grit Daily

French Fitness Tech Firm Kinomap Suffers Data Breach; Exposes 42 Mn User Records | CISO MAG

Chinese ‘Frontline’ COVID-19 Research Firm Reported Hacked: Data now on Dark Web | Forbes

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