Privacy News for May 29

Privacy and the Pandemic

Internet Privacy has Become Even More Valuable During COVID-19 Lockdown | InsideSources

China’s Virus Apps May Outlast the Outbreak, Stirring Privacy Fears | The New York Times

War Rhetoric Surrounds COVID Surveillance | DefenseNews

Pakistan Uses Terror-Tracking Tech Against Virus | Courthouse News Service

Privacy Fears over South Korea’s Virus Tracking | Reuters

Employers Face Legal Minefield over Covid-19 Workplace Surveillance Tech [UK] | New Statesman

Israel Limits Coronavirus Cellphone Surveillance to ‘Special Cases’ | Reuters

Government Surveillance

U.S. Tech Giants are Reportedly Providing Web Services to Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Firms | CNBC

Democrats Pull Bill to Reauthorize Government Surveillance Powers after Trump Threatens to Veto it | CNN

Privacy and Civil Liberties Board will Review Surveillance Law that has Vexed Trump | The Washington Post

Get a Warrant: Tech Companies ask Lawmakers to Rein in Digital Surveillance | NBC News

Trump Administration is Withdrawing from Open Skies Surveillance Treaty | Jurist

Biometric Privacy

Privacy Report Outlines Scope, Limitations of ICE Facial Recognition | FCW

Apple Whistleblower Goes Public over ‘Lack of Action’ [Siri data collection] | The Guardian

ACLU Sues Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI, Calling it a ‘Nightmare Scenario’ for Privacy | The Verge

D-ID, the Israeli Company that Digitally De-Identifies Faces in Videos and Still Images, Raises $13.5 Million | TechCrunch


The FBI’s iPhone Encryption Backdoor Demand is Unsafe and Now Unwarranted | Apple Insider

Zoom Releases End-to-End Encryption Plan | ACS

Google Messages may Finally be Adding End-to-End Encryption for RCS | The Verge

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Privacy Triage: Five Tips to Identify Key Privacy Risks of New Products and Services | Lexology

AES Encryption: A Closer Look at Advanced Encryption Standards [primer] | Security Boulevard

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

State to Notify 32,000 Unemployment Claimants of Data Breach [Illinois] | The State Journal-Register

Data Breach Afflicts Ohio’s Unemployment Office | InfoSecurity

Data Breach Exposes Social Security Info of Some Floridians Seeking Unemployment Benefits | Click Orlando

Bank of America Reveals Data Breach in PPP Application Process | Charlotte Business Journal

Home Chef Serves up Data Breach for 8 Million Records | OODA Loop

EasyJet Admits Data of Nine Million Hacked | BBC

EasyJet Faces Huge Class-Action Lawsuit over Data Breach | TechRadar

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