Privacy News for May 31

Everyday Surveillance

You’re not Alone when you’re on Google | The New York Times

It’s the Middle of the Night. Do you Know who your iPhone is Talking To? | The Washington Post

The Government Is Expanding Its Social Media Surveillance Capabilities | Brennan Center for Justice

Biometric Privacy

Universal Orlando Visitor Hits Park with Ill. Biometric Suit | Law360

Brainwash is a Dataset of Webcam Images Taken from the Brainwash Café in San Francisco | Megapixels

Laws and Regulations

Australia’s New Encryption Law is Forcing Tech Companies to Help with Surveillance | Gizmodo

Microsoft VP Calls for U.S. to Align Privacy Laws with GDPR |

French DPA Issues Robust Model Regulation for Biometric Access Controls in the Workplace | Mondaq

The Government Needs to Get a Warrant if it Wants Access to our Private Health Information | ACLU

Thought Pieces

As Surveillance Culture Grows, Can we Even Hope to Escape its Reach? | The Guardian

If Regulators Won’t Stop the Sale of Cell Phone Users’ Location Data, Consumers Must | EFF

Samsung Researchers Develop Method of Creating Deepfakes from Minimal Source Data |


Apple, Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp Sign Open Letter Condemning GCHQ Proposal to Listen in on Encrypted Chats | TechCrunch

Facebook is Already Working Towards Germany’s End-to-End Encryption Backdoor Vision | Forbes

Intel Follows AMD’s Lead on Full Memory Encryption | Tom’s Hardware

Microsoft Announces New Windows 10 Password and Encryption Security Defaults | Forbes

Students and Minors Privacy

Schools are deploying massive digital surveillance systems. The results are alarming | Education Week

The First Public Schools In The US Will Start Using Facial Recognition Next Week | BuzzFeed

Privacy Tools

NordVPN to Launch the ‘NordLocker’ File Encryption Service | TechNadu

This Week in Data Breeches

Security Blog Reports that First American Left Hundreds of Millions of Records Exposed | The Washington Post

Snapchat Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users | Vice


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